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Choose your breed, add dog's name and showcase your love for your furry friend with our Personalized Dog Breed Ornament. This unique decoration is designed to capture the likeness of your beloved pet in a charming and timeless way.


Each ornament is meticulously crafted from 1/4" birch wood, shaped and burned to perfection, giving it a rustic, burned look that complements any Christmas tree. The ornament measures 4" in diameter, making it a noticeable and heartwarming addition to your holiday decor.


What sets this ornament apart is its personalization. We incorporate an image of your dog’s breed along with your dog’s name, creating a truly personalized memento that celebrates your bond with your pet.


To ensure longevity and a natural finish, each ornament is coated with a beeswax finish, enhancing the wood’s natural grain and adding a subtle sheen.


Celebrate this Christmas with a tribute to your best friend. Hang this Personalized Dog Breed Ornament on your tree and let your love for your dog shine through.


Personalized Dog Tree Ornament

  • Contact me with your breed to see if I can create it? (no extra charge)

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