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Celebrate the timeless love of your special day with our Commemorative Personalized Wedding Clock. Expertly crafted from solid wood, this exquisite timepiece boasts an elegant 11-1/2" octagonal shape and a sturdy 3/4" thickness, ensuring it stands as a lasting symbol of your union. The clock face is adorned with 1/8" thick birch roman numerals that rise in a stunning 3D effect, adding depth and sophistication to its design.


Personalization takes center stage as we intricately engrave the bride and groom’s first names and last name, alongside your cherished wedding date and location. This bespoke detail transforms the clock from a mere keeper of time to a treasured keepsake, marking every moment with the memory of your love.


Whether displayed in your home or given as a gift, this Commemorative Personalized Wedding Clock is more than a timepiece—it’s a celebration of love, a marker of commitment, and a beautiful reminder of the day two hearts became one.

Commemorative Wedding Clock with Roman Numerals

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